Apoyemos al Español Auction – May 12th, , 2012

Led each year by West Sylvan 8th grade families, the Apoyemos al Español Auction is a celebration of the Spanish Immersion program, as well as a fundraiser. Formed in 2004 by a group of parents, Apoyemos al Español is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Spanish Immersion Program in the Lincoln Cluster: Ainsworth, East/West Sylvan and Lincoln.

The annual fundraising event is well attended by current Spanish Immersion families, their guests, teachers, school administrators and families whose children have graduated from the program. It’s a fun & relaxed celebration for our Spanish Immersion community. Funds raised will provide:

  • Support of the K-12 Spanish Immersion program - classroom materials and teacher support
  • Scholarships: to ensure every student can participate in the Costa Rica trip.
  • Chaperones: trip expenses for chaperones are paid
  • Support for group expenses and community service project in Costa Rica 

With your help, we plan to raise $30,000 from our live and silent auctions  How can you help? We are asking families from all grades to help procure items for this event. We have a great community to draw from!

Deadline:  Our goal is to have 50% of items donated by March 15th  and 100% by April 15th

Drop Off Sites: Drop Boxes in the offices at Ainsworth, East & West Sylvan

Thank you so much for your help!  We can’t do it without you!

2012 Apoyemos Celebration and Fundraiser Steering Committee

Co-chairs:   Melissa Angeli  &  Susan Kenney

Procurement:   Zilpha Yost

Event Planning:   Dickey McMath & Nancy Truszkowski

Receivables:    Jennifer Peters 

Procurement Form 

Auction 2012 Packet

Apoyemos Letterhead

Apoyemos Letterhead 

Procurement Letter 

 Ideas for Procurement:

Sports and Recreation

Golf, Ski, Bike, Windsurfing, Skateboarding, Walk, Run product gift certificates; Indoor soccer facilities, coaching; Sports tickets; Climbing gyms, Sky High Sports

Travel and Entertainment

Vacation Homes, Airline miles/tickets; Hotels, Timeshares, Restaurants, Catering, Theater, Movies, Stores/Boutiques, Family Sponsored Parties


OMSI, Pittock Mansion, the Oregon Zoo, Bullwinkles, Toy stores, Book stores, Music Lessons, Cooking/Baking Lessons, Swim Centers

Themed Baskets

Soccer, Foodies, Ski, Golf, Reading, Birding, Music, Computer, Gardening, Car Care, Neighborhood Shopping Spree, Spa package

Experiential Activities

Music lessons, cooking lessons with a professional chef, fly fishing lessons, water ski outing, guided snow shoeing, Nike employee store visit

Procurement Tips:

  • Make use of time, talents and resources that we all have!  Some of the most desired items are services, parties, experiential activities, job shadows and vacations
  • Think of businesses you’d like to approach - those whose services you use often.
  •  Email Jenn Peters ( for suggestions for items that have been donated in the past or potential businesses.  The list is long!
  • Afraid of the cold call?  Some individuals have been successful in emailing potential businesses and vendors with a personal follow-up. 

Sample script for procuring:

Hi, My name’s _____. I’m a parent/volunteer/student from West Sylvan Middle School. I’d like to invite you to become involved with our school community through support of our annual fundraising auction for the non-profit group Apoyems al Espanol, which supports Spanish Immersion in the Lincoln Cluster Schools.

Each year the 8th grade students in the Spanish Immersion program go to Costa Rica for almost 3 weeks and stay with a local family. Our auction raises funds to support the Spanish Immersion program and to provide scholarships so all students are able to go on the trip. Your business will receive visibility during the auction and via our community website.


Your store has supported this event in the past and we are hoping you’ll support us again.

If you are using a solicitation letter, it will need to have the Apoyemos Address and Tax ID on it. 

Apoyemos al Español, Inc. 

Spanish Immersion Program West Sylvan Middle School 

8111 West Slope Drive Portland, Or 97225   (503)916.5690

501(c)3 non profit tax certification #:76-0747788

Procurement Form Instructions:

• Complete all sections clearly so we can enter info into our database

• Get a donor signature- it is a contract and will not be valid without one

• Describe the donated item clearly- especially restrictions. 

Make sure the ‘expiration’ date is clearly stated. It should be a calendar year from the date of the auction.

•Leave the Yellow copy with the donor.

•Return the completed and signed procurement form and the item or certificate to the drop box in the offices at East/West Sylvan or Ainsworth 

•Some donors like to provide a gift certificate with their logo, but if they do not, we can make one. 

Please note this on the form.

•Some businesses may prefer to mail the gift certificate to the Apoyemos al Español address- it is the West Sylvan address: 8111 SW West Slope Dr. 97225

If you have any questions or would like a list of past donors to contact or you just aren’t sure how to jump in and help, please contact :

Jennifer Peters ( or Zilpha Yost (