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 Apoyemos al Español

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Who we are... 

Apoyemos al Español is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that supports  the K-12 Spanish Immersion Program in the Lincoln cluster schools in Portland, Oregon by facilitating fundraising activities, approving and distributing grants to its three schools, coordinating the 8th grade capstone  trip, and coordinating and overseeing the interns.

Our Mission 

Apoyar is a verb that means to support, to aid, to back, to hold up, to stand by. Pronounced "A-po-yea-mos", the name of the organization means we support, aid, back, hold up and stand by Spanish: the language, the culture and the Spanish Immersion program. 

 How It All Began...

The Spanish Immersion program in the Lincoln cluster schools is the oldest immersion program in Portland...now in its 20th year.

Apoyemos al Español was incorporated in 2003 by families with students in 2008 Lincoln High School graduating class. The families first goal was to ensure that fundraising done in connection with the 8th grade educational trip to Costa Rica could be done through a non-profit corporation; and Apoyemos al Español received 501 (c)(3) designation from the IRS in 2004. When  Apoyemos al Español was formed, the Bylaws were drafted providing that parents with students in all of the middle school grades should be included on the Board, to broaden involvement in planning and fundraising. 

Also, at the time of formation, the families had a vision that  Apoyemos al Español could become an umbrella organization to support the entire K-12 articulation in all three Lincoln Cluster schools.

Now, each year a group of volunteers agrees to serve on the Board, both to provide continuity in connection with the fundraising for and coordination of the 8th grade trip, and to find ways to fulfill the mission of the organization as a support system for the entire program. 

In 2005, the targeted financial support for immersion programs called "approved additions"  for materials, immersion specific professional development and resources was discontinued by PPS (Portland Public Schools). For this reason beginning in 2006, the fundraising through Apoyemos al Español for shared expenses in connection with the 8th grade trip (chaperones,  scholarships, community service) was expanded to include the goal of raising funds for program support at Ainsworth, West Sylvan and Lincoln. 

Each year, the 8th grade fundraising committee includes program support in the fundraising budget and funds are allocated to the three schools based on what was raised for that purpose.  Allocation to these resources is coordinated by the building principals and teachers can apply for grants for specific purposes.

Grants Awarded by Apoyemos

2006 - over $4000 for: textbooks at Lincoln, 7th grade social studies textbooks at West Sylvan, Spanish books, charts, dictionaries, CDs, Dvds and games at Ainsworth. 

2007 - almost $2000 for: books and materials at Lincoln and West Sylvan; Spanish science books at Ainsworth.

2008 - over $9000 for: textbooks at Lincoln, reading and teacher resources books at East/West Sylvan, assistance for the ACTFK Conference for staff and Estrellita Literacy Program and other materials at Ainsworth. 

2009 - $9000... for books and DVDs at Lincoln, books at East/West Sylvan and registration costs for an Immersion Conference for staff at East Sylvan and Ainsworth. 

2010- $9400... Lincoln, books and Oregon Writing Project for one SI teacher; West Sylvan, mini laptops, teacher training and substitutes for teachers at training; Ainsworth, books, Spanish brochures, Oregon Writing Project for one SI teacher. 

2011 - $7206... Lincoln - laptop, dictionaries, film & print materials, DVDs & study guides, lecture/workshop; East/West Sylvan - 5 mini laptops, Spanish games, classroom libraries, dictionaries; Ainsworth - literacy material for Kindergarten classes, Effective Language Acquisition Seminar. 

2012 - $12,607... Lincoln - grammar books, district curriculum books, cameras; East/West Sylvan - books, classroom materials, teacher training, Entre Amigos Lunch Club; Ainsworth -  Kindergarten assistants. Additional $3000 to East-West Sylvan Foundation; $1000 to  Lincoln Foundation; $10,000 for Intern Support

2013 - $17,972... Lincoln - Texbooks, grammar books, teacher development; East Sylvan - Spanish books; Ainsworth - Teacher conferences/development, Interns

2014 - $33,343... Lincoln ($2939) - Novels, fiction books, spanish movie. West Sylvan ($922) - Novels, Entre Amigos lunch club. Ainsworth ($2765) - Books. Interns at all three schools ($26,717)

2015 to date - $31,389...  Lincoln ($7660) - Textbooks, Cord presentation party. West Sylvan ($2505) - Books, sugar skull molds, Entra Amigos lunch club. Interns at all three schools ($21,224)

Board Members

Jim Jones, Chairperson/President 

Robin Abidia, Grant Coordinator 

Elsa Menendez, Intern Coordinator 

Helen Lee, Secretary

Maria-Elena Blank, Database 

Allison Grebe Lee, Fundraising Coordinator 

Marla McLeod-Ali, Capstone Trip Liaison 

Mandy Mock, Webmaster

Jennifer Briglia, Tammy Hernandez, Board Member 

Roma Vigil & Linda Brown, Treasurer